Sunday, October 17, 2010

PLANT don't SCATTER the seed!

Last time I shared how God’s Word is His seed on this earth and is how we see His Kingdom outworking in our lives. This message I want to clarify how to apply God’s Word, because I see many stumble in this area. I want to expose a myth, formula or methodology that many seem to struggle with.
My heart is to share the simplicity of how to receive revelation, and see God's power released to transform your life. I therefore pray that this message will help you to get back on track and for the truth to set you free!
One question I often get asked when people are caught in an emergency situation is:
“What Scripture can I claim for my situation?”
But this is not what God’s Word is about!
To see God’s power released in our lives through His Word is not about naming and claiming or about confessing God’s Word hundreds of times over to make it work. To use God’s Word this way is like scattering seed into thin air.
While God’s Word is alive and full of power we need to understand how it works. Think of the simplicity of how a seed germinates. Does it grow roots and come to life when it is sown into thin air, or when it is planted in fertile soil?  In like manner, we don’t just grab a scripture and simply declare it over a situation thinking that it will magically change things. Where God’s Word (His seed) comes to life is when it is planted in the fertile soil of our hearts.
We are the ground where the Word needs to be sown.
This means that God’s Word needs to become living and active in us!
The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalm 119:130
God’s written Word needs to become a Living Word!  So if we want to see what God’s Word says come to pass in our life, it is not throwing it at our circumstances but rathersowing it into our lives by spending the time meditating on what it says until the message comes alive and we understand what it is saying to us personally.
To Be Continued….
Copyright Nerida Walker 2010 (God's Plan for Pregnancy and It is Finished).  If you would like to know more about the power of God's Word and how to see it come to pass in your life grab a copy of my audio message God's Living Word for Childbearing (for those wanting a breakthrough in reproduction) or The Living Word of God (for those who want to experience God's healing power in every area of their lives.

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