Monday, October 4, 2010

God's Word is His will for our Lives!

Did you realise that you can know God’s will for your life?
God’s will for you isn’t what the doctors say, what your symptoms say, what your diagnosis is, what your bank balance is or what the natural circumstances dictate; but rather what His Word says!  It is therefore important that we dig into God's Word so that we can discover what it says and understand His perfect will for every area of our lives.  And once we know what it says we then need to start renewing our mind with its truth so that our thinking can be transformed and we can believe it for ourselves.
There may be times in our lives when our circumstances don’t line up with the Word, and we may conclude that what happened was God’s will for that situation.  But we need to realise that God’s Word isn’t proven or disproven by our personal experiences.  When our circumstances don’t line up with what the Word says, we shouldn’t judge or assume it is God’s will.  Instead we should continue to make what God’s Word says to be the final authority, because when we live by that truth that is when it can become reality in our lives.
We can be certain that God’s cannot act contrary to His own Word.  God will never break His Word – ever!  He has sworn by Himself so we can be confident that He will always keep His promises.
Now that is Good News!
Copyright Nerida Walker 2010 (God's Plan for Pregnancy and It is Finished).  If you would like to know more about the power of God's Word and how to see it come to pass in your life grab a copy of my audio message God's Living Word for Childbearing (for those wanting a breakthrough in reproduction) or The Living Word of God (for those who want to experience God's healing power in every area of their lives.

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