Monday, October 11, 2010

God's Word is His Seed on the Earth

I have already shared on how God’s Word is Living and Active and how it has already been established here on this earth. His Word shows us who we are in Christ and what we have inherited as believers.  It is our instruction book to show us how to live a healthy, blessed, prosperous and fruitful life. I believe that it is important to understand that this is what God’s Word is for so that we can grow by its truth and start seeing God’s kingdom outworking in our lives.
In Matthew 13, Luke 8:9-15 and Mark 4 Jesus shares several parables on how God’s Kingdom operates. My personal favourite is the Parable of the Sower because Jesus compares the sowing of natural seed with God’s Word. He reveals that God’s Word is His seed on the earth.
The seed is the word of God. Luke 8:11
Jesus used what the people of that day understood. It’s a simple yet powerful analogy of how God’s Kingdom (nature, power and ability) comes, grows and outworks in our lives.
In the natural earthly realm, God created plants to reproduce after themselves through the growth and germination of seeds. He created a seed with everything within itself to reproduce after its own kind. So when the seed is planted it will come to life, grow and bear fruit. In like manner EVERYTHING has already been programmed into the seed of God’s Word so that when it is sown, ALL BY ITSELF it will come to life, grow and bear fruit in your life!
To be Continued….
I want you to meditate on this simple truth for the next couple of days and also to think on how natural seeds were created to work.  Then hopefully as I build on my message it will come alive!
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  1. I really appreciate this blog. I'm serious about what the Lord is speaking and what he desires of me. This blog further opened my understanding of towing seeds a phrase I've never heard before, but spoken of the Lord.
    May the Lord continue to bless you Nerida. This blog was posted October 2010 as a seed to those who read it, and hungered. It doesn't matter how long this blog was posted but it is evident it has bared fruit in my life. So I will use the scriptures listed to get a deeper understanding of what God is speaking. God Bless