Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recycled Book Ends!

Well I have been totally inspired by Pinterest so I have been making my own chalk paint and painting and distressing everything that is not pinned down in my home. A couple of my friends who follow me on Pinterest, twitter & facebook have asked to see some of my projects so here is my first one.

I found these book ends at a Salvation Army opp shop for $8 for the pair. They were originally terracotta....

First I painted the ends with my own DIY chalk paint - 1 1/2 cups paint mixed with 1/4 cup plaster of paris dissolved in 1/4 cup hot water. There are other recipe's for DIY chalk paint on one of my pinterest boards.  I used a Watyl colour "Bikram". Our local Bunnings doesn't stock Watyl paint anymore so I used a sample pot of Dulux paint & Bunnings mixed the colour for me. I then made my own glaze (also courtesy of Pinterest) using another Dulux sample pot colour "Klavier". I used about 1 tespoon of paint with 1/4 cup water (watery mixture) and brushed on the glaze in the grooves of the detail and then wiped it off immediately. Below is 1 pics of the finished product.

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