Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let the Spirit man dominate the natural man!

This message will not only help you to walk in victory over your past and any guilt, shame and condemnation but over anything in the natural that does not line up with the word of God!

Jesus told us that the Spirit is willing but flesh is weak.  We need to learn to strengthen our spirit man so that we can live by, walk by and be led by the spirit and not by the flesh or by what the natural realm is dictating to us.

We need to buffet flesh (mind, emotions, feelings and natural senses) and rule over it!

As believers we need to go on a diet!  By this I mean it is time that we started to starve all the lies, feelings, emotions, and symptoms that speak contrary to the finished work of the Cross and then start feeding on the truth!  We need to continue to feed on the truth of God's Word and what that says about who we are, where we are seated and what we have already inherited as a believer!  When we renew our minds with this truth our whole thinking will be transformed and that is when spiritual truth can change our natural reality!

Our spirit-man needs to be stronger so that we can live out of who we are in the spirit.  We need to let our spirit dominate the soul and the body, not the other way around!  Unfortunately many are living by what they see, feel, and know with their natural understanding and circumstances.

We need to learn to live out of our spirit-man by taking the reality of what Jesus has done on the Cross and ‘walk it out’ in the natural man (soul/body).

We need to appropriate the finished work of the Cross into every area of our lives.  In the same way we would resist and oppose physical pain and symptoms of sickness and disease, we need to resist emotional pain, thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions etc,

Jesus died to make us whole (spirit, soul and body).

Stop give power to your past!  I am not talking about denial but rather to remind your flesh/past/devil of the truth of what Jesus has done! I am talking about not letting your past control your future!  Remind yourself of who you are in Christ, where you are seated and what you have inherited as a believer.   It is up to us to take what is real in the Spirit and bring the soul/ body into line.

It is up to us (not God) to deal with the soul/body.  It is up to us to renew mind, tame the tongue exercise authority over symptoms/feelings etc  God is Spirit (John 4:24) and His Word is spirit and life (John 6:63).  God communicates with us spirit to spirit.  Upon Salvation we were born again by His Spirit (the Holy Spirit) and we now have that fullness dwelling on the inside of us; in our spirit!  We therefore need to take what is true and real in the spirit (our forgiveness, and healing etc) and see it released into our soul (mind, thinking, feelings and emotions) and also into our physical body.

We are not called to live in the soul, natural realm and try and fix ourselves.  Our soul and flesh wants to do its own thing.  We need to buffet it, train it teach it etc. That is our responsibility as God has given us a free will to make our own decisions.  He cannot do this for us, but He is there right with us wanting to guide and lead us into all truth and victory.

Paul told us to live by the Spirit, walk by the Spirit and be led by the Spirit not by the flesh or natural man.  

Therefore we need to:-

Bring the Soul - feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories in obedience to our spirit

Bring the Body -  physical symptoms of sickness and disease in obedience to our spirit

Walk by the reality of the finished work of the Cross not by feelings, senses, sight or appearances.  Don’t submit to them (or under them) instead Resist (oppose, withstand, strive against) them!  Replace them with the truth of who you are, where you are seated and what belongs to you in Christ!

If you are challeneged with your past or with any guilt, shame or condemnation, say NO, I AM Not guilty, if you are challenged with sickness or disease say NO!  I AM healed, also declare that I AM forgiven, cleansed, sanctified etc

Begin to look at yourself in the eyes of faith by what God’s Word says about you.  Even though in the natural you may not yet believe it, continue to replace the lies by meditating on and declaring the truth of what God’s Word says. 

When you believe the truth the devil has no more ammunition! The very second you begin to feel challenged use your authority in Jesus, and resist and replace the lies immediately.  So from now on make the decision to walk in victory over your past and remember the truth that in Christ ‘you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God’ (1 Cor 6:11 NKJV).  

Nerida Walker

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  1. Awesome!!

    I'm going on a diet!!! Starving the lies and feeding the truth!! Its the only "diet" that actually encourages "growth" lol.

    Dani xx