Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is your Past ruining your future?

I have found that besides physical healing many believers are also seeking healing for emotional issues that have arisen from the effects of what they experienced in their past.  This is an area where many remain captive, bound and struggle to break free.  But there is good news for everyone wanting breakthrough from the effects of their past.  The work that Jesus did on the Cross was a complete work and is enough for you to walk in victory in every area of your life! 

We need to understand that Satan (not God) uses our past in an attempt to ruin our future.  He uses guilt, shame and condemnation to make us feel unworthy to come before God with a clean conscience.  These can become huge stumbling blocks in our relationship with God as they can prevent us from feeling worthy to receive from Him.

While we are unable to change what happened in the past, we can change what happens today and put a stop to the affects or outworking of what happened in our life from days gone by.  When we understand what God has done for us through the finished work of the Cross, we can break free from the chains of our past and experience lasting wholeness and walk in victory over our past once and for all!

Always remember that Satan is a defeated foe!  The battle has already been won and Satan has already been defeated.  Jesus disarmed and deprived him of the power to harm us. When you understand who you are in Christ, you will realise that you no longer need to struggle with anything that happened in your past because Satan’s power and hold over you has already been broken (Col 1:13-14).  Because Satan has been disarmed, the only power he has in your life is what you allow him to have, or the power that has gone unchallenged.  We can find ourselves submitting to things rather than resisting them to see them flee from our lives.  Therefore, if he can deceive you into believing his lies then that is where he gains power in your life.  For this reason, if we are kept tied to what happened in the past through guilt, shame or condemnation we wont be able to break free from what happened in the past and experience the freedom, truth and fullness of what God has already provided for us.

Over the next few posts I will cover unworthiness, shame, guilt and condemnation and how to walk in victory over these once and for all so you can lay hold of the truth of who you are in Christ and experience healing and wholeness in every area of your life!

Now that's good news!


  1. Hey Ned, I have to admit that tasting freedom is way better than chocolate [big step for me {grins pathetically}] The truth sinks into the core of you and is so delicious and substantial. Definately will journey with you on this one. Talking about who you are in Christ, just came from a site that personalizes scripture for you Click on the cd on the left.

  2. Greetings Nerida,

    This is such a powerful message! I believe most people let their past experiences dictate their future at some point, especially if the past experience was a bad one. For example, I had two abortions when I was a teenager and now that I'm married and actually trying to conceive children, I often thought God was punishing me for what I did in the past. I now understand that was just Satan making me feel and think that way. I know God is not trying to take anything from me but give something to me. I believe WE WILL conceive children together (hopefully soon). I am trying to practice having more patience instead of being so eager and anxious each month. Any advice on coping each month and waiting to receive God's blessings? It can be rather frustrating and depressing each month when I get my period.

  3. God has cleansed you from ALL sin. You were sanctified (set apart and made Holy), you were justified (made just or righteous), by the Spirit of God. He forgave you, so if you haven't already forgive yourself and know that NOTHING can separate you from the healing, resurrection power and love of God if you are in Christ! Jesus has paid the price for whatever is preventing the conception of your children so you are free to go forth and to multiply! I encourage you to lay hold of this truth until you know that YOU HAVE your children. Believe in your heart and confess (which means to agree with) your mouth what Jesus did on that Cross for you and you are saved (forgiven, healed, prospered, delivered, set free, FRUITFUL and made whole)! This happened upon Salvation so now simply walk in it! The rest will be history!!

  4. Thanks again for your words of encouragement! God bless you and your family.