Friday, August 19, 2011

*NEW God’s Plan for Pregnancy DVD-2 disc set

*NEW God’s Plan for Pregnancy DVD-2 disc set

I am pleased to announce the release of God's Plan for Pregnancy 2 DVD disc set. The DVD's are PAL version (NTSC will be released at a later date).

Details of the messages are as follows. Both sessions were recorded during my conference at New Creation Church, Singapore.

DVD Session 1 - It is Finished! So Go Forth and Multiply!
In this message Nerida shares how you can overcome infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy health issues and complications regarding a baby’s growth and development by understanding the finished work of the Cross. This inspirational message will bring hope, build faith and help you to cross the line from barrenness to fruitfulness in every area of your life!

DVD Session 2 - How to Mix God’s Word with Faith
Discover how to walk by faith and not by fear or by the natural circumstances, to see God’s power released to change your natural circumstances. Drawing on her own personal journey, Nerida shares how the Lord taught her how to walk by His Word, enabling her and her husband to overcome sterility and miscarriage and have four children in four and a half years!

The DVD set is $19.90. For more details or to order visit:

For those who come to our meetings they will be available at the next meeting.

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