Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lord's Favour!

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  1. Hi Nerida,

    I tried leaving a comment on your new blog post at Hannah's Victory under Prayers Request but somehow I couldn't logged in to do so, even under 2 Wordpress accounts I owned.

    Anyhow, that doesn't matter as I'm able to post a comment here and I hope that you can read this too.

    My husband & I have been trying to conceive for near to 3 years now. And we've been told my doctors that nothing is wrong with us, yet still despite going through 3 so-iuis and 3 cycles of clomid, nothing has happened. But the beauty of this whole thing is that through this, my husband has decided to go back to church since a year ago and I now accompany him and he is positive when it comes to taking pregnancy tests saying that God will provide and we will become parents one day.

    I just read your book - God's plan for pregnancy - and I feel very enriched and recharged. I realized that I need to believe and act on that belief & faith more for things to happen instead of just saying / confessing. Right now my period is a week late. I've tested HPT but it came back negative thrice. I'm preparing myself for IVF in a month's time and I needed this month's af to come in order to proceed with blood tests. But I somehow feel that this is my moment, of conception. That it has happened because God is showing me a better way to conceive - naturally - through him. I took a OPK along with my HPT and was surprised to see a positive as I had already ovulated some 2.5 weeks back and so we were either expecting to see af or a positive HPT kit. However this positive OPK soon disappeared when I tested again 3 days later. I don't know what's wrong, but I have a good feeling about this, and so does mom.
    What should I do? Please pray for us...