Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

One thing that saddens me in this ministry is when I see believers pull back from their relationship with the Lord. If you are struggling in your relationship with the Lord or are finding it difficult to trust Him, then renew your mind with the truth that God is good all the time! He is not withholding anything from you that Jesus has already purchased and what He has already established in His Word. If you stop fellowshipping with Him it will only prolong your situation, and the pain and emptiness you are feeling. God is not your enemy; He is for you, not against you, which means He is on your side!
I WILL bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Ps 34:1 (Amp)
King David, who wrote this psalm, is a great example to us because he knew how to strengthen and encourage himself in the Lord in tough times (1 Sam 30:6). He constantly meditated on and reminded himself of who God is. He often said of the Lord:‘He is my fortress, my tower of strength, my refuge in times of trouble’. The main reason why David was chosen as King over all of Israel and over all his brothers was because he had a heart after the Lord.
I encourage you to run to God and spend time with Him, getting to know Him for who He is. Remind yourself of all the attributes and benefits of God; He has forgiven all your sins and has healed all your diseases (Ps 103:1-3). Meditate on the truth of who He isand on what he has already done for you through His Son! When you know the truth you will realise that God is on your side and that you have already been giveneverything you need in life to experience your breakthrough.
So go forth, be fruitful and multiply!
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