Monday, December 28, 2009

Watch your Vision!

Did you know that Faith has vision?  

Faith has vision because it both sees and knows the end result. It enables you "to see" the things you desire before you receive them. But i’m not talking about looking through your natural eyes but rather through the eyes of faith. That means to look through the eyes of God’s Word because His Word ‘paints the picture’ of what we want to receive.  Praise God that there is nothing blind about faith!
While faith has vision it is important to note that fear has vision too! While faith pictures us with the answer, meditating on fear pictures us without it!  

For example: Fear sees you without the answer Faith sees you with the answer Fear sees the worst result Faith sees the desired result Fear links you to the natural Faith links you to the supernatural
Therefore, it is important to learn to recognise when you are looking at your circumstances through the eyes of fear so you can stop, change focus, and walk by faith in what God’s Word says instead!  

I have a girlfriend whose son was suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition. However, all the test results were leaning towards leukemia. At first my girlfriend was overcome by fear. She allowed fear to lead her and as she meditated upon the fears she began to picture her son without hair due to future treatment, picture herself at his funeral and even visiting his grave! After we chatted and prayed together on the phone she made the decision to picture her son’s condition through the eyes of what God’s Word instead. She began to see him healed, as a young man graduating from high school and university, on his wedding day and on presenting her with her first grandchild. She also exercised her authority over the physical condition of His body and commanded healing to manifest. Needless to say the test results came back clear of leukemia and he recovered from that condition!

So let this simple message encourage you to only focus on what God's Word says about your situation so that you can see the supernatural transform the natural.

That's Living above the Line!

Copyright 2009 IT IS FINISHED by Nerida Walker

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  1. ... and physically, fear releases adreniline and cortisol which kills nerotransmitters {dopomine, seretonin, Ac and Gaba}. This means our brains are compromised in telling our bodies what to do well and we suffer sicknesses ranging from heart issues, memory loss, creativity and learning issues, fatigue ..... {insert a plethora of illnesses here} Guess God telling us not to fear 365 times was done for a good reason. Guarding our thoughts and focusing on His Truth is a no brainer or we will become literally, a no brainer.