Monday, November 23, 2009

Be Anxious for Nothing!

Everyone experiences fear in differing degrees. Some may simply have niggling concerns that don’t seem to go away, whereas for others fear can be a controlling force in their lives. While fear can often manifest as a result of a sudden fright, shock or a traumatic situation, more often than not fear develops when we begin to worry or become anxious.

There are many fears and concerns that can arise in our lives. The Bible exhorts us however, not to worry or be anxious about anything (Phil 4:6). Worry or anxiety left unchecked will grow like a weed and choke the life from the Word of God, preventing it from growing and bearing fruit in our life. Instead, we need to resist, (oppose, withstand and strive against) any fears or concerns and they will flee from us! This means that the very second that we begin to question God’s truth or become fearful we need to react. We must make the conscious decision at the onset not to allow worry to take root, or entertain any thoughts or any impressions of fear. Don’t ignore these, instead resist and replace them by meditating on God’s Word and reminding yourself of the truth of who you are in Christ and what belongs to you as a believer. That way you will not only grow in the truth, but overcome and walk in victory over fear!

Now that is Living above the Line!


  1. Nerida, Yet again this is just exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you so much for all that you do to exhort and edify others. I really appreciate it so much!

    Much love

    Tash Jarrett

  2. Ah ... been reading Dr Caroline Leaf and her study on the results of fear on our bodies. That is reason enough to take our thoughts captive